Racing & Constructing

Racing and Constructing activities require teammates to enjoy friendly competition while working hand-in-hand towards a goal. Our team-building races are safe and create excitement amongst each participant. If you love to construct or “piece together” objects, then our construction & engineering team-building challenges will meet your needs!

“Success doesn’t mean the absence of failures; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives.” -unknown

Boat Creations

Boat Creations

Bridge Your Way to the Top

Bridge Your Way Up!

Build a Catapult

Launch Your Success

Build a Lego Robot

I, Robot

Soap Box Derby

Go Kart Challenge

Mini Golf

Hole-in-1 Creation

Cardboard Boat Racing

Cardboard Boat Race

Hermit Crab Racing

Hermit Crab Racing

Ice Sculpting

Sculpt to Success

I've Got Your Number

The Numbers Game

Record Breakers

Break the Record

Sand Sculpture

Sand Castle Wars